About Us

Gearing Up Bikes is part of…..

…….a social enterprise based close to the centre of Wigan (just near to Go Outdoors)

What we do

  • Recycle unloved & unwanted bikes
  • Support and train people into employment, learning new practical skills
  • Sell low cost / affordable bikes – promoting healthy lifestyles, travel to work and reduction in congestion

Based in local workshops we provide all these services alongside a friendly café & meeting facilities.

Working with communities and local groups we promote cycling through access to bikes, and development of skills and confidence.

In partnership with public services and other organisations we promote cycling and alternative forms of transport for health, leisure and work.


We’re committed to recycling

We rely on public support to help develop this work

We need donations of bikes – if you drop them off we’ll put the kettle on and open the biscuits (but we’ll also collect them if that’s better for you)

We really need you to spread the word to get people to call in to see what we do, get your bike fixed or buy a “new” one

2 Responses to About

  1. Mrs V Munro says:

    Hi I have two cycles that my grandchildren have grown out of,
    One is a girls and one boys, if they can be of any use to you you are welcome to them,
    Unfortunately I have not the means of delivering them, so if you are able to pick them up you that would be great, if you can please let me know when you can collect, \if \ am not going to be in I will leave them under the car port Thanks

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