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The workshop

We love to fix bikes but we’re also keen to train people to look after their own bikes – everything from simple adjustments to serious fixing and full overhauls

We can offer several options

  • Attend one of our regular training sessions – basic, intermediate or custom (let us have your details and we’ll let you have dates and times for future training sessions). We tend to do basic sessions in a 2 hour evening session. Intermediate courses take about 6 hours and normally run on Saturdays or Sundays
  • Invite us to your centre or organisation to run a session for you and your friends
  • Volunteer with us on a regular basis to learn the full range of skills working on all kinds of bikes

Charges for most of the training is low (or sometimes free when we get funding support)

Basic courses – £5

Intermediate courses – £25

Once you’ve done one of our courses we’re happy for you to call back to the workshop for advice or help in doing your own repairs and servicing