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Training materials

If you’ve attended one of the Gearing Up training courses we’re always keen to encourage you to do your own repairs and maintenance – you’re always welcome back in the workshop for advice and guidance and we have a system for “renting” a workbench too.


If you prefer to have a real book then there are lots of options:

Haynes Bicycle manual

Bike repair manual

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair


Otherwise – the place that most of us go to is online

Possibly the best starting point for most questions is Sheldon Brown.   It’s a comprehensive encyclopaedia covering most bikes and components over the last 50 years.

Bicycle Tutor also provides a similar set of online resources drawn from different sites and organisations

Simple searches on YouTube will often find a simple “how to” guide for lots of the basic set up and maintenance tasks specific to your bike

Park tools online guide is designed to provide advice on the use of their tools.  Lots of these guides are really helpful

Other places

If you’re looking for advice from other cyclists on a specific issue then lots of organisations run online bulletin boards and forums where can look for help and ask questions:

Cycling UK

Cycling UK 2

Yet Another Cycling Forum

And finally

And if none of that helps – then you’re always welcome to come back into the workshop!